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Online Pastoral Team

Gerhard Van Wyk

Gerhard Van Wyk is a worship leader and the head of our evangelism department.

Taryn Van Niekerk

Taryn is one of our Online Pastors, currently based in Krugersdorp.

Nadine Horton

Nadine is our Children’s Pastor, as well as one of our Online Pastors.

Online Broadcasts

The Real Talk

This is Prophetess Este-Lee’s very on show, where she gets “real” with the online audience. There have been many testimonies of transformation as a result of this broadcast.

The Prophetic

Our midweek broadcast “The Prophetic” is where Prophet Leon shares prophetic insights into what is currently taking place nationally and globally.

EncounterNOW Podcast

Our Podcasting platform has exploded, reaching millions online, with over 100 000 downloads in just the first 3 months. Connect now for devotionals, sermons and special recordings.

Sky TV

Our episodes of Encounter with Leon du Preez, airs on SKY TV every week. See the schedule below for reference.

Goodnews TV

Goodnews TV is a platform that reaches millions of viewers around the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Miracle TV

Miracle TV, a platform founded by H.E. Ambassador Uebert Angel, broadcasts free to millions of homes around the world.



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