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Pastors Leon & Este-Lee du Preez are strong believers that serving leads to greatness therefore they have made it one of the main focuses in the church. We have just over 150 volunteers actively serving in our church and we have seen their lives change tremendously . It is a way of giving back to God’s kingdom.


All eGroups are an extension of our services. This is where we equip our members and train them to become leaders. eGroups are the lifeline of our church, where Pastors Leon & Este-Lee ensure that the people are being cared for by the leaders they have trained up to look after our members. Our eGroups are mid-week meetings starting at 7pm, which are situated in an area near you!


Our evangelism is set on reaching the people who need it the most. We have seen incredible healings and we expect even greater miracles each time we go out. Evangelism is about showing the power and love of God to His people.

At ECC we believe that every follower of Jesus Christ can do more and exceedingly above all. This means that if you pray for someone, they shall be healed, saved, delivered and never be the same again!


Prayer and Intercession is one of the most crucial departments in the life of the church. When a church is backed by a strong prayer force, you will see how breakthrough will come to both a members and to the region.

It is through prayer that we prepare the atmosphere of the church. Pastors Leon & Este-Lee have raised up a group of leaders and taught them how to pray, the only thing that the disciples ever asked Jesus was that He could teach them how to pray.


Once a month we host a big event in the form of our Encounter Youth nights. It is where we can connect and build relationships, but not just that, it is where we can experience the glory of God. This is where we grow the next generation of leaders and multiply to advance the kingdom of God.


At ECC our kids (3 – 12) enjoy a safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way. We take pride and precaution in the care of your child and ensure a safe environment for your precious children. We would love to see you and your family visit eKidz.


We desire to see the church worship with a hunger to encounter the raw manifest presence of God. It is only an encounter that will change hearts and lives.

We strive to create an atmosphere for exactly that to happen week after week.


Whenever you can’t make it to one of our services, we will always have our livestream available. Our camera team makes sure you are always up to date with our events, and allows those that have never been at Encounter to see exactly what we are about.

Our sound team is there to make sure that every service is powerful. We believe in excellence and with music, we can create an atmosphere where people can encounter God like they never have before.

Second Chance Project

An initiative whereby we reach young people, bringing them to a place where they can receive security and identity through hearing life-changing testimonies, stories of hope, and the undiluted power of God.

Encounter Hope

“Giving Hope to the Hopeless” is the heart and passion behind Encounter Hope’s initiative. Together with a team of people who are driven by a passion to reach the underdog, the overlooked and the forgotten, we take to the streets and show Jesus to the World.

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