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Leon du Preez is a living example of the supernatural power of God and the transformation which comes through having an encounter with God! In 2002, Leon was bound by addiction, imprisoned in a lifestyle of darkness and under the control of demonic influence.

Whilst in a drug den, this came to a sudden end when Leon was confronted by the unparalleled power of God. Immediately set free, Leon cast away a life of bondage in obedience to a call from God to take that very Encounter which he experienced to the generation of this hour! This was the birth of “Encounter” — a multifaceted ministry, now recognized locally and globally.

In 2013, after years of faithfully serving, Leon was sent out into full time ministry. “Encounter Ministries International” was established and as a result of great demand and favorable prominence, Leon began crossing borders and seas, proclaiming a message of revival and deliverance to both young and old. Leon celebrated his calling with a single goal: to bring an encounter to this generation through a demonstration of God’s Spirit and Power.

As a greatly sought after revivalist and prolific preacher, many came to hear of the fruits of his ministry — creative miracles, prophecies, deliverance and supernatural encounters with God’s glory. Due to the accurate realm of prophecy and predictions, exceeding any natural ability, Leon instantly gained the attention of a global crowd and eminent leaders.

In 2016, after successfully pioneering an international ministry, Leon and his wife, Este-Lee du Preez, founded one of the fastest growing churches in Centurion, South Africa — “Encounter Christian Church”.

His life-changing testimony and ministry has been published in leading magazines, aired on prime radio stations and has been featured on international TV shows. Leon can be seen co-hosting a weekly show broadcasted on TBN called “Empower TV” and hosts his own show titled “Encounter Moments” which has grown to become an international favourite.

Leon is currently residing in Centurion, South Africa together with his beautiful wife, Este-Lee Du Preez and his precious daughters, Scarlet Grace and Bethany Angel.

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His servants,

Leon & Este-Lee du Preez