Vision Process

Our discipleship process to propel you into your purpose and call.

Our Vision

Freedom 1

Freedom 1 is your first step in our vision process. Our vision is to see you develop into the person who God has called you to be.

You will be set free from every stronghold and bondage that prevents you from reaching your full potential.

In Freedom 1 forgiveness is key, and as you forgive others you will experience freedom and liberty like never before! This will lead you to the next step in revealing your destiny and call.

Freedom 2

Freedom 2 Focuses on establishing fundamental truths - such to build your life upon.

Align yourself to get connected in the church and one step closer to being raised up as a leader.

School of Disciples

In our schools, you learn how to be a true disciple, and the spirit of true son

School of Disciples was compiled by Pastor Leon du Preez and contains much of the knowledge that he has gathered in over a decade of experience in ministry. It has foundational keys that are rarely taught by the church. We believe that this school will be a blessing to all those who attend.

It will grow you spiritually and give you a maturity in the things of the body of Christ.

School of Mentors

Once you have finished School of Disciples, School of Mentors is the final step. Finishing this course will give you the potential to take people to the next level. Anyone will tell you that our schools are a treasure and the material given can not be found easily.

This school will help you understand people, how they think, and their personality; teaching you how to work with different individuals. Our School of Mentors will change the way you see people, how you handle them, and give you understanding that every situation and every person is unique.

This vision can only be a blessing to your life and we hope to see you there.