Encounter Global

You Are Called To Conquer.

Encounter Global is our Network of Global Cell Groups. This platform will equip and train you to conquer in your neighborhood, schools, universities and work place.

Take this immediate opportunity to become an extension of Encounter Church by hosting an Encounter Global Group in your home or facility.

Watch the video below and follow the 3 simple steps:

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3 steps to lead a group


This is where it all begins. Complete our online application form and thereafter one of our leaders will contact you to schedule a one-on-one meeting. This is geared at us getting to know you and allows us to explain the heart, vision, and passion behind our Encounter Global Groups.

Watch Orientation

Once your application has been successful, we launch the practical training sessions which are hosted online. These sessions serve as a platform to prepare you for your first Global Group meeting, answer any questions which you may have and set you up for success in this exciting endeavour.   


  • Private Room to host the Encounter Global Meeting
  • Smart TV/ HDMI cable from laptop or projector connecting to TV
  • Internet connection
  • Preferable a sound system
  • Fail Over: If YouTube does not work use the Encounter Facebook page
  • Sufficient  Seating
  • Coffee / Tea/ Snacks
  • Attendance register system – Electronic or paper

You are now ready to go! Begin by inviting people to your first group meeting, and prepare to be used by God to both influence and impact the lives of many.

As your Encounter Group and influence grows to an attendance of 50 or more, Encounter Church will evaluate and invest more into you as a leader through additional training and experience of our culture, passion and anointing.

When your Encounter Global Group boasts of a 100 or more members then Encounter Church will evaluate to fly you in for one on one training, commissioning and sending you to serve as an Encounter Plant and will possibly open up the door to financial support from our Head Quarters.

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*Please DO NOT close window after payment. 



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