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Edify your ministry, Establish connections, Receive mentorship, and Build your influence.

What is encounter Global Network?

Encounter Global Network (EGN) is a global family of churches and ministries under the leadership of Prophet Leon Du Preez & Este-Lee du Preez. Our desire is to create a safe place that will help your ministry grow and fulfill its purpose and destiny and spiritually grow you as the senior leader. In this network we will provide you with strategies and empowerment to expand your ministry!

What you will receive:

* Spiritual Covering 

* Ordination & Licensing
* Leadership and Guidance.
* Access to Strategies & Resources for Church Growth
* Access To All Governing Documents, Legal Documents, Administrative, and many more
* Spiritual Impartation to Take Your Church & Ministry To A New Level.
* Fraternal and Paternal Relationships.
* Personal Ministry & Relationship.


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Encounter Global Network
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How Do We Work?

Encounter Global Network (EGN) will operate on the relationship level of association with you and your ministry and also in covering, ordination and licensing, if you require so. EGN is all about relationships, so we tend to focus on building relationships with the churches birthed under our network/care or who come in to join us.

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This level of relationship is open to any church & ministry that is interested in a fraternal relationship with Encounter Global Network.

As a COMMUNITY member, you will receive:

* Basic & Advanced tools and resources that will assist you in the development of your church and ministry such as articles, videos, books etc.
* Complete Guidance and support on how to make a transition to the vision, strategies, growth and equipping track we have in place that caused an explosion of growth in our ministry.
* Access to first-hand information about our events and benefits that are only available to the EGN community.
* Access to very Exclusive Church Growth resources that will take you sep by step on how to implement our vision, but also how to grow your church and break the attendance of the 100 barrier, 200 barrier, 500 barrier, 800 barrier, 1000 barrier, 1500 barrier and 2000 barrier.
* Ordination & Licensing (Licensed to be a religious practitioner in South Africa and the United States)
* Discount at our Prophetic Schools and Universities that gives you full accreditation
* Possibility to plant one of our Universities in your church/campus

* Please take note: We believe in the principle of tithing upwards, this tithe is used to cover our administrative fee to the body we belong to in order to grant you licensing, ordination, and also all the resources of church growth etc. In doing so you will enter into a relationship where there will be automatic impartation and increase of tithes and givers in your church as the laws of honour have been fulfilled so that the oil can flow from the top.

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